I am Heidi Morrison. I am the creator  and founder of  Heidi Morrison Teachings  with “Healing The Healer Inside You”  I am a formally  well trained  Clairvoyant  energy  reader  and healer , a Holistic Medicine Woman, a somatic Bodyworker, a Teacher, Breathwork  facilitator ,a life -soul synergy Mentor and Coach  Today I  specialized in “Healing the Healer  Inside YOU”

"I am Here to bring Awareness and Wellness into your life. A life in which you will live in unity within yourself and others. A better, healthier  and joyful life."  ~ Heidi Morrison


I am Heidi Morrison.

I am the creator  and founder of  Heidi Morrison Teachings  with

“Healing The Healer Inside You” 


I am a formally  well trained  Clairvoyant  energy reader  and healer , a Holistic Medicine Woman, a somatic Bodyworker, a Teacher, Breathwork  facilitator ,a life -soul synergy Mentor and Coach 

As I have been evolving  over 50 year of my life, through education,   life lessons   and  experiences, from my physical  and  non-physical masters and teachers, my teachings  have also evolved.and today,I specialize in Healing the Healer  Inside YOU !

I offer a variety of services that Activate,Reprogram, Align and Integrate our four energetic bodies - Mental,  Emotional,  Physical  and  Spiritual.

It is important to understand that one energetic body can’t be fully healthy without the health of the other. 


Everything is connected, and we have to treat the energetic bodies the same way.  

All of them together -makes who YOU are, as a Whole. 

It is also very important to understand that everything starts with the relationships  we have with ourselves.  

When this relationship doesn’t exist or isn’t healthy, this is when we experience pain, anxiety and disease in our life. 


In essence, I am   Priestess, a healer , a  Medicine Woman,  a Teacher ,

a life -soul synergy Mentor and Coach 

Working Together I will facilitate  the Activation of the Healing process  within yourself deep into a cellular level and with my mentoring and coaching I will GUIDE you and TEACH you all the  TOOLS you  will Need to reach that place you want to be TODAY in your LIFE.

Certifications and some trainings...

  • Biofield Tuning Practitioner

  • Breath-work Facilitator and Teacher

  • Formally Trained Clairvoyant/ Astral Reader, Healer  and Teacher 

  • Akashic Records - Medium Practitioner  

  • Life-Soul Synergy Coach,Mentor & Teacher

  • Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner 

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Certified Massage Therapist

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist ,

  • AAHFRP Medical & Post- Rehab Exercise Specialist,

  • M.E.L.T Practitioner

  •  Fluent in Spanish and English