Does your Wrist-Hand Hurts?

There are many different causes and types of Wrist-Hand pain. Wrist-Hand pain can originate indifferent parts of the complex skeletal structure, including : bones, joints, connective tissues, tendons and/or nerves. Many conditions contributing to hand pain can be treated. Depending on the cause of your hand pain, you may benefit from Massage therapy, exercises, or lifestyle changes.

This are 2 of the most common Hand-Wrist conditions

1.Arthritis (the inflammation of one or more joints) is the leading cause of hand pain. It can occur anywhere in the body but is particularly common in the hands and wrist. Over the years, joints in the hands experience a lot of wear and tear.

2. Carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway of ligament and bone located at the base of your hand. It contains the median nerve (a nerve running from your forearm to the palm of your hand) and the tendons responsible for moving your fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve gets squeezed by a narrowing carpal tunnel.

How do I know how you can help me?

After our 1st consultation-assessment, we will determine the best approach we will follow to bring your body into balance and health

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Heidi Morrison successfully integrate rehabilitation Massage together with Rehabilitation-Corrective exercises and Biofield Tuning in order to reverse all mis-alignments in your body in order to bring it back into good alignment and health.

With Love and Gratitude

Heidi Morrison