Working with Full Moon in Cancer

Updated: Feb 18

Cancer represents the principle of growth, concentrating the energy into a closely defined area. The Integration is his mission.

Cancer moon rules home, family, gut instincts, feelings , moods, nurturing, growing, safety, intimacy, and caring skills.

Cancer Full Moon invite us to work into releasing all insecurities such as fears, gilt, anger and .... in all areas of your life.

Connecting with the Moon in Cancer and allowing her to work together with us will help us release that energetic patterns of self doubt, guilt, shame, wordiness....we have imprint in our energetic field (pain body and pain mind, pain emotions) and affecting our present life.

In Matters of restoring Health , Cancer rules - Breasts and Chest cavity, Pancreas, Stomach, ulcers and Tumors.

Cancer ask you to stop for a moment, go inward and listen to your body-mind and soul needs. Putting attention in what is happening right now in your life you will be able to identified and take care of your needs.

You are invited to Join us on HEALING with the CANCER MOON Energy

This coming Tuesday Jan.10th, at 8 pm . ----Sound bath Healing

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (space is limited)

Looking forward to see soon,

With Lots of love and Gratitude