"The 7 Chakras system training" 


The Chakra system is a map for the journey though life.

Its seven rainbow colors represent the full spectrum human possibility that stretches from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from Earth to heaven, forming a bridge and describing the steps between them.


This map is an archetypal formula for wholeness that addresses the full spectrum of human possibility.

The journey to consciousness allows us to wake up to new possibilities and liberate

ourselves from constricting or compulsive behaviors.


The word Chakra come from the Sanskrit and means wheel or disk, as the chakras are commonly experienced as spinning wheels of energy.

A chakra is a spinning vortex of activity created by the presence of consciousness within the physical body. There vortices exist within what is called the subtle body— a hidden field of energy that carries your urges, emotions and habits, as well as the imprints of all that has happened to you.

Like the rooms in your home, chakras are areas in the body that takes in energy from outside, process that energy internally, and express it back out again.

Chakras are centers of organization for the reception, assimilation, and expression of life force energy.

They are Seven mayor Chakras whose locations correspond to seven

central nerve branching out from the spinal column.

Each of these nerve bundles influences the subtle or energy body

as well as the physical body.

Just as the electricity running through your computer slows your software and your hardware to work together effectively, the mind (software) and the body (hardware) are brought together by the life force running through you.

We each have several programs installed, a survival , sexual, relationships, language, ....

some of them we inhered , and some other data we acquired over the years.

...Unfortunately, we all have bugs and /or viruses in our programs.

This can manifest like ...if you Feel you’re carrying too much baggage?

Feeling paralyzed, not able to move freely in life ?

Anxiety and Fear stands in your way? Perhaps you hate your job but can’t seem to change?

Feeling spaced out and tired? Too many people in your space, holding you back.

Do you experience poor digestion?

Overcome with emotions? Depressed? Angry? or Frustrated?

sick?  worried?  thinking too much?


In working through the chakras system "CONSCIOUSLY",

we will create a NEW and BETTER PROGRAMS ,making changes in the software and even the hardware, we can make changes in our thinking by examining our programing, and we can make changes in our bodies trough exercise, diet, and other ancient energetic healing tool, - I am able to help you clear blocks and constrictions that stand in your way.

After  assessing your 7 vital energetic centers ,we will work together on

Re-Activate, Re-program ,Re-alignmand, Re-Integrate and Re-balance all your 7 Vital Energy Systems,- and by doing so, - you will be entering into a BETTER , more JOYFUL ,extra-ordinary NEW LIFE.

Let’s start your Journey TODAY!