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Self Myo-fascial Release  (Foam Roll)

What is Self Myo-fascial release ?


Myo refers to muscle

Fascia, refers to the tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers.


By putting pressure on a tender area along the muscle tissue, the Golgi tendon organ help trigger the relaxation of the ,muscle spindles, helping to dissipate the adhesions, increasing mood flow, and enhancing overall movement.


The main purpose for this use includes

*Joint stiffness

*Muscle tightness

*identified tenderness ( indication of poor circulation)


You also can use this technique for a warm-up before exercise and a cool -down after exercise

*Exercise preparation

*Exercise recovery

Benefits of Self- Myo-fascial release technique

* Helps salivate tightness in muscles

*Increase range of motion at joitns

*Decrease muscle soreness

*Keeps muscles at their optimal length

*Helps to relieve jolt stress

*Increase blood flow ( circulation)