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Heidi is a miracle worker. I came to her hoping for some guidance with posture, a nutritional program, a weight loss program, strengthening techniques. She gave me all this and more. I lost almost 20 lbs over a few months with a very reasonable plan. She taught me do it yourself simple exercises that strengthened my core muscles. She taught me how to eat right. I am an inch taller than coming in to her because my posture is improved. I have never felt so good about myself. She is a lovely person, well trained, up to date on all the latest research. An absolute gem.

- Zoe Aron


Katy Wellman

I walked into Heidi Morrison’s  facility over one year ago.  As a lifetime exercise enthusiast, incorporating healthy eating and exercise, I allowed personal life changes and physical changes to affect my health.  I had a baby at 40, foot surgery as well as some personal setbacks.  I gained over 16 lbs, something I had only done during my pregnancies. I was mentally and physically deflated.  I had foot pain and hip pain that I had seen physical therapists and doctors about for over 2 years.  After an initial evaluation, I found out my spine was so out of alignment and I had one hip higher than the other.  We started with massage therapy.  While I wanted to just start exercising, Heidi made me slow down, literally.  I realized I had to “fix” what was broken before I could get stronger.  Heidi is this amazing wealth of information.  Spiritually and physically!  She is certified in sports medicine and massage. I now understand why something hurts and how to help myself feel better.


Now, I have never felt better.  I have lost all of the 16lbs, plus more.  I am stronger than I have been since turning 40.  I can stand on an uneven surface throwing a 10 lb ball doing chops. I couldn’t lift a 10lb baby when I walked into her place.  I have recommended her over and over and those that have gone have the same positive results. I stand taller, I feel stronger than I have in a long time.  Possibly my favorite part about Heidi is everything is within reason.  The first thing she told me was to just give up “one” thing each week.  Instead of “starving” myself, I could take my time. I remember after seeing Heidi just a couple of times I went on a walk with a friend.  She said I looked different, better.  I hadn’t lost a pound yet, I was just standing taller. Heidi is life changing.  If you want to feel better, be pain free, you should see Heidi.  She has changed my life!




Arlene Mocsny,

Registered Nurse

My story is unbelievable to me. In Feb of this year I had to take 6 weeks off work due to one bulging disc, one protruding disc and moderate to severe lumbar stenosis. It was difficult for me even to get out of the bed in the morning without spasm type pain in my back. I was told I would need an epidural injection in my back or back surgery. I wanted neither. I was referred to Heidi  by my brother who had a friend going to her with similar problems. I had my free consultation in April and I immediately felt a connection to Heidi. I was also overweight to my dislike. I started going to Heidi 2 days a week incorporating deep tissue massage, which I had never had before with multiple core training exercises. I had also been active with power walking and going to the gym thinking I had a strong core. Boy was I wrong. I now learned that by having a strong core you are actually improving your posture and strengthening your back thus alleviating back pain. It's now been four and one half months and I have lost 23lbs and am free of back pain. Heidi has become my friend, coach and positive mentor in my life. Thank you Heidi for giving me back my life.


John Podegracz

As I have aged, I have had to give up golf and tennis because of moderate to severe central canal stenosis in my lower lumbar.  I was still able to enjoy long walks along the Redondo Beach coastline and the cliffs of Palos Verdes but unfortunately, even that had to be curtailed because of the pain and discomfort that resulted after this exercise.  It is very important for me to have a good outlet to exercise to maintain my health and mental outlook on life.  I did not want surgery and after consulting my doctor, I decided on a course of action that included physical therapy and a series of epidurals.  Eventually this no longer worked and I was searching for an alternative when I happened upon Heidi Morrison. This has proved to be a pivotal turning point for me. I have been a client of Heidi’s for over a year now and have been able to accomplish my primary goal of enjoying the beaches and cliffs of the South Bay without the pain and discomfort that had so changed my life.

Heidi states on her web site that her primary focus is to ensure her clients achieve the goals they have set themselves.  She also states that nothing brings her more joy than knowing that she has positively impacted someone’s life.  Well to that I say,  you have accomplished your primary focus and you have positively impacted my life which certainly brings joy to me and as you stated to you as well. So, thank you Heidi.  You have helped me grow in my physical as well as my spiritual health. For that I am grateful.   What a “Win Win Situation”. Thank you Heidi!

 - John Podegracz.

Thank you Heidi for helping me with my lower back. Not only did you make it feel a lot better with your hour session, but with the stretches and exercises you taught me I can now keep it pain free. I feel Great! Thank you Heidi!

- Ken Crow


I started working with Heidi Morrison after hip replacement surgery. A life time of sports had taken its toll on my body, both knees replaced as well as both hips plus fusion of the L4-L5 vertebrates.  The years of joint pain caused me to walk incorrectly and while the surgeries had taken away the joint pain, I was left with little or no balance. In one and a half years Heidi has balanced out my muscles so walking is no longer dreaded. 

I have been in the care of numerous physical therapists, chiropractic doctors and trainers. Heidi is all three but the best. If you truly want results, Heidi Morrison will give you that good feeling again. Thank you Heidi!  

Gary Doane

Although I have always been an avid walker, when I started with Heidi Morrison, I could hardly walk straight. I had sustained several falls while cross country skiing that resulted in sufficient scar tissue to inhibit my range of motion in such an every day activity as walking.  It was when my husband noticed this imbalance that I started looking for a way to resolve this issue. I have been an active yoga practitioner since I was 50 years old.  My regular practice had not resolved the issue of my left hip imbalance.Then I found Heidi. I went in and made an appointment for an evaluation.  After that consultation, I decided to try this method to resolve this issue of muscle imbalance. Now, after 2 sessions a week with Heidi, I am once again able to walk straight, stand tall, and my left hip flexibility has improved over 50% from the time I began with her. This is due to a combination of different types of massage to relax the muscles that are already too strong and a regimen of stretching the muscles that were too weak to do their part in every day life activities.  My head forward position, as documented by Heidi's photographic computer program, has improved 85%; my knee cant position has also improved since beginning my program of muscle stretching  with Heidi, and I feel SO much better!! I walk taller, straighter and with less stress on weak muscles!!  I'm so glad I started working with her! I highly recommend Heidi Morrison. Thank you Heidi!

- June B.


Randy Colman

I have been going to Heidi Morrison for three years. I found Heidi after I was involved in a motorcycle accident. The insurance provided physical therapy, but that wasn’t working.  I also had additional work injuries from constant computer use, so I was also suffering from numbness and tingling in my arms and fingers related to carpal tunnel syndrome.  Heidi, is much more than a personal trainer; she is a body-mind-soul healer and rehabilitator. She approaches each client’s needs from a variety of disciplines that she is certified in, including physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, and more.  She set up a multi-disciplinary plan of action specifically for me, which is something that trainers and physical therapists that I have seen have not been able to create.   This holistic approach has worked so much better than other treatments because they were not limited to a ‘specific’ area prescribed by insurance.  Her passion and energy in her work helped to motivate me. Using Heidi’s techniques, which don’t over-exert, but gradually improve my well-being has allowed me to make significant progress and heal in a realistic time-frame.   I now enjoy increased mobility, as well as increased health and weight loss of over 20 pounds. Her wealth of knowledge in the body, and wide-range of training, makes Heidi Morrison s an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve weight loss goals to one looking for pain relief from an injury and experience increased mobility.

-Randy Colman

I've been suffering from headaches and tension migraines for over 20 years. I'd be in bed for days with my migraines and could not sleep. I started working with  Heidi Morrison for 3 months. She customizes the session that works specific for me. She uses Tuning forks , Massage therapy and Corrective exercises to aligned my physical body, as well  my energetic bodies. I notice that it has reduced my migraines and the best part;I sleep much better than I used to. I definitely recommend everyone to go see Heidi. She's absolutely amazing! Thank you Heidi for all your help. You are so awesome!!!

- Gamie K.

When I came to see Heidi for the first time, I was in a lot of pain and had been in pain for many years.  My problems had been with my knees, feet, hips and hamstrings.  The pain had cycled through all these areas for years.  I also wore orthotics because podiatrists and chiropractors had told me I had one leg longer than the other.   I thought I would spend the rest of my life in pain.  Heidi was the only person to tell me that one of my hips was two inches higher that the other and that one shoulder was two inches higher than the other.  I realized that I had spent most of my life doing the wrong things for my body.  I am naturally hypermobile and I overstretched in yoga classes and ignored pain in other group exercise classes and thought I should push through the pain.  These things both caused and added to my total body imbalances.  I took a leap of faith when a friend recommended Heidi to me.  However, it wasn’t long after seeing Heidi that I started feeling better and sleeping better and stopped wearing orthotics altogether because my hips quickly leveled out thanks to Heidi.  I kept doing my daily exercises she gave me even though I thought I wasn’t doing enough exercise.  I continued to lose weight and feel great thanks to her.  I am standing taller and feel like I have rediscovered abdominal muscles that I haven’t felt since way before having children over 16 years ago.  My tennis game is better than ever now too!  Heidi is a miracle worker with the human body.  She really knows how to identified and fix your problems!  There is no price you can put on great healthy and no pain!

Thank you Heidi! Your #1 Fan,

-Laura Medina

Heidi's skill as a healer and fitness coach are life-changing. After years of very physical work, there were days when my body would no longer do what I asked of it. Through her stretching classes and one-on-one sessions, Heidi helped me regain physical flexibility and mobility, along with an increased mental sense of feeling more grounded and less stressed. If you're looking to feel better in your body, Heidi's your gal.

Alixe Morehouse

I started going to Heidi last year after I injured my left foot and was experiencing “delayed healing.” I was not able to return to my regular workout routine without much pain/discomfort and for someone who has always been fortunate enough to enjoy good health and an active lifestyle this was very upsetting on many levels. (My doctor advised surgery as a last resort, but I wasn’t convinced.) Going to Heidi, I can honestly say that it has been the best decision I could ever have made.

This is because Heidi’s approach to wellness is to treat everyone as an individual because our bodies are all individual!! It just makes sense. Her one on one approach lets her get to know her clients and treat them accordingly.

Not only have I got relief from massage therapy and corrective exercises, I have been introduced to a whole new approach to fitness that really works and I feel so much better. Heidi goes above and beyond – she really does care and I feel so fortunate to have met her. I can recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you Heidi!

Kim Mink.


Virginia Prior

I’ve had (sometimes debilitating) neck pain since a really bad car accident for 14 years, and I’ve tried everything. And over a year ago, I was reinjured so badly I could not move, and had to take medicine around the clock. After 3 months of immobility and torturous pain, I knew I had to make a change and somehow find a way to get better and get my spine stable, but safely. I didn’t know where to turn and then I saw Heidi’s card “Functional Fitness, and that’s exactly what it is, and a lot more. Heidi is the best body worker/trainer/ healer I’ve had in those 14 years. Instead of just getting rid of the pain like a medication, or any band aid that works temporarily, she shows you and tells you, in easy to understand ways, how to actually get better. It also helps that she is encouraging and does not give up on you (and has a good sense of humor). I think she was more convinced than me and my family that I could get better. The body work has really helped to not only make movement therapies even possible to do in the first place (I wasn’t able to move that well, let alone lift even a 5 lb. weight), but they keep me on track, and help integrate the exercise aspect of the process, so that I keep on getting stronger and stronger, all while not being in pain. 

This is the first time in over a decade that I’ve been able to gain my mobility back without taking 2 steps back because of an injury or pushing too hard, or in incorrect ways during the process.  She is safe, and can naturally tell your limits, so that you can progress but without being in pain or reinjuring yourself. She really has a full understanding of structure and proper positioning so that you are actually strengthening the specific muscles and parts of your body that are weak. In some ways it is magic, but when she breaks it down for you, it’s really quite simple and effective. I went kayaking and swimming for the first time in a long time, and I actually could do it pain free – that, in my opinion, is a miracle. Not only can I finally lift my nephews up without being out of commission for 3 days, but soon I will be able to play a game of tennis and do other more challenging activities – something I never thought possible! I am forever grateful for Heidi’s tireless efforts to help my body overcome these issues. If you have any pain, have had an injury, have dysfunction, or just need specific and correct tips on how to work out safely and more effectively, she is the person to go too, 100%.

-Virginia Prior 

Heidi Morrison was referred to me by my wife, mid October of 2017. I had a total knee replacement in June 2017 and at the recommendation of my orthopediac surgeon I was going to private physical therapy sessions in Torrance 3 times a week. They were 1 hour each and I truly felt they were helping. I attended 18 sessions after having 6 in home sessions right after surgery before I could get around on my own.

It had been about 4 months since my knee surgery and I still had quite a bit of pain and swelling. My wife had gone to Heidi 2 times for a problem she had with her foot and told me Heidi was really helping her. I am very skeptical but went to meet Heidi for a consultation and discuss my concerns. She is very professional and knowledgeable about the entire body and muscle areas. I explained my knee, leg and also my back problems and decided to try a 1 hour session with her. After the first 1 hour session I felt some immediate relief. I tried a second 1 hr. session a few days later and felt confident Heidi was helping me not just with my leg and knee but also back. She stated “it’s all about alignment”.

My wife and I signed up for 20 sessions twice a week which we completed and another 20 sessions which we are now going to once a week. I can honestly say that my leg, knee and back are feeling great and I look forward to seeing Heidi each week. I highly recommend her and recommendations are something I very rarely offer.She truly gets to know each client individually so she can provide her expertise to help the areas of your body that you are concerned with.

Marty M.

Heidi is amazing! I have suffered from back pain on and off for the past 20 years. Prior to seeing 

Heidi, I was dealing with my worst episode of back pain for about a year. I have always been a physically active person. However, during that year I stopped doing all exercise and eventually found myself living a very sedentary lifestyle. I tried doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists. Nothing helped. I started to believe that the pain was going to be with me forever and I just needed to learn to live with it.

Until one day I came across a friend and could not believe how amazing she looked -- thinner, younger and happier. She told me about Heidi and explained that she had been living with hip pain for a long time and Heidi helped her take the pain away. Although suspicious, I decided to try going to Heidi myself. The best decision I have ever made! Within three visits my pain was diminishing and after a few months I was running daily on the sand at the beach. I have never been a runner and now I can't wait to get up in the morning for my beach run! I cannot say enough about Heidi and her professionalism. I definitely recommend her to anyone living with physical pain.

Marija Marino

Heidi Morrison has treated my arthritis knee as well as my chronic back issues. She has brought much improvement increasing flexibility and strength . My core muscles are much stronger and my back and knee pain are gone. Ms. Morrison is a highly trained professional who is committed to improve her clients health.Thank you Heidi!

Dave Bacon, M.S

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