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Honoring all Father's in Heaven and Earth

Today we celebrate Father's Day all over the world, universe and Galaxy.

Today we have the opportunity to Honor and say THANK YOU to all our ancestor Father's, Grandfather's, Father Sun, The Source of DIVINE LIGHT and our Creator who called “Great Mystery.”

Father's are special in a family and there is nobody in the world like them.

Over the ages Father Sun has been worshiped and held sacred in many guises as:

Egyptians called him Ra To the Greeks He was Helios The Romans, borrowing from the Greeks, called Him Apollo Baldur or Odin were His Norse appellations Ancient Irish traditions referred to Him as Dagda Persian culture called Him Mithras In the Anglo-Celtic mythos He was the Oak or Holly King, and of course, Native Americans called Him, perhaps most directly, Father Sun.

To the Plains Indians, for example, the sun was regarded as a mighty power, though not the mightiest; he was the first and greatest of the intermediaries who brought the power of Creator down to earth, but not the actual Creator itself, who they called “Great Mystery.”

They recognized that without Father Sun’s light and energy, showered upon Mother Earth in so many mysterious ways, that She could not give birth to all her children.  She would be barren. 

So it is that, in one guise or another and throughout all traditions, Father Sun came to symbolize:The Source of DIVINE LIGHT

The Procreative Energy of LOVE The Projection of INTENT Limitless Creative POWER Personal INTEGRITY

And today, I specially honor my dad, he was the Best Dad in the World!

Happy Father's Day Dad!


With Lots of Love and Gratitude



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