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The Power of our Believes

Our beliefs are what make our choices, decisions and plays a big part on creating our own reality.

What believe means...

To have confidence or faith in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so

Related words for believe

hold, consider, conclude, accept, admit, understand, have, trust, think, feel, maintain, expect, presume, take, affirm

Our beliefs are held deep in our subconscious and affecting us on a soul level.

Often they are not what we consciously think about or recognize within ourselves. Although; we often see and judge them in others.

When we choose to change the belief that is causing disharmony (emotional, physical or mental) our entire life changes.

In order to be able to do so, Self-awareness is Absolute!

Then, is when we are able to heal ourselves, body and soul, changing our lives and creating what we want on all levels.

"Don't let opinions determine what you do, think, say and /or believe in,

connect with " your soul" who you really are , and you will find all the true answers"

~Heidi Morrison


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