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Welcome to 

Healing the Healer Inside You 


Healing the healer inside you Sacred Center is a Worldwide Sacred Space where individuals from around the world come together to learn about intuitive healing tools designed to unlock and awaken natural and intuitive abilities that allow them to find their own answers, heal themselves, heal others, solve the biggest of problems, see and communicate with spiritual guides, explore past lives, Akashic Records, read the auras, chakras, perform house and business clearings, work with crystals, communicate to love one's that has past away and much more as they progress.
There is no reason to wait any longer. Today you can start owning your psychic abilities, embracing cosmic consciousness,  connecting with universal divinity, and healing yourself and others.

Are you ready to learn how to use your intuitive abilities to create a more meaningful, healthy, and joyful life?

About Book & Audio Products

 Book "Healing the Healer Inside you" and all Audio products have been created with the

Guidance of Higher Dimensional Beings and with the Purpose to Help Humanity.

Your Donation Is Greatly Appreciated.

 I appreciate your support!

About Book
Healing The Healer Inside You

In this book, the author Heidi Morrison takes the opportunity of sharing lessons she has received from Spiritual Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.

“Healing the Healer Inside You” combines Science, Physics, and Metaphysics. It is an essential, potent, effective, and efficient Integrated Healing Modality you can learn. 

This book will answer all your Why, What, and How human beings, all universal life, work. All that you must know and not ignore.​

Some of the lessons you will learn:

  • Why do we suffer, and how to Liberate ourselves from pain and Karma

  • How to enjoy playing the Game of Life   and the Core Ground Rules within and without

  • How to Know, Trust and Love  ourselves and Reclaim our own Identity

  • The basics of Energy, Chakras, and Aura.

  • How to move into Spiritual Freedom

  • Practical tools to reprogram yourself, Breathing, Meditation exercises, and much more.                             Available: 

        Paperback & Kindle - 


Tools to reprograming yourself, breathing,
and mediation exercises  


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Learn & Experience 



Life-Soul Synergy Mentoring and Coaching

Psychic Reading 

Akashic Records



Certification Programs 

Biofield Tuning

Adrenal Glands Reset

Brain waves Balance

Chakras & Aura Clearings

Meridian Flush


Tuning the Biofield

Scar treatments 

Business Clearings



& Meditation


Training Programs 




Christ Force



Certification Programs

 Reiki 1


Reiki Master

Reiki Master teacher 

Structural & Postural

Body Alignment


Medical Exercises

Massage Therapy


Corrective Exercises

Core Strength 


Spinal Stabilization

Joint Stabilization

"Her approach in  Biofield Tuning has enhanced my self-care journey.

I recently worked with her remotely, and her healing practice has been so beneficial for me to stay well center and grounded. It’s so helpful that she can do this work remotely.

Thank you, Heidi"

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- Cinthia A.

“The thing about Heidi is that with her it's not just about your physical well-being - it's also about your mental well-being. Through working with Heidi I have learned to meditate more, breathe deeper, to have gratitude, and simply to love and respect myself every day - something which I have never really consciously thought of or done before.”  

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- Vinayak G.

“ Heidi's Biofield tuning and Clairvoyant metaphysical resets are the best of the best and do wonders for me. When we are done with the sessions, I'm in a positive mood, smiling, and pain-free. My spirit is recharged. Thank you Heidi for helping heal my mind, my body, & my spirit.  Heidi, you are amazing.”

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- Matt O.

Let's Get Healthy 


Open House (Phone/Internet)


Saturday, March 26th at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET


Are you interested in developing Intuitive abilities and learning how to apply them in your everyday life? 

Our Intuitive Meditation Free Open House is a welcoming opportunity to discover "Healing the Healer Inside you Sacred Center."


  • You will meet your expert Master Teacher,

  • Explore our Intuitive-Psychic training curriculum,

  • Experience our telephone and internet classroom environment, and

  • Learn two powerful psychic tools used to open up your clairvoyance for answers, healing, and transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

Our Free Open House Includes:

  • One live One-hour phone/internet class

No prerequisites or experience necessary!  Open to everyone.

Book Now
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